GSC Signature Gold Class & James Bond’s Skyfall

GSC Signature Gold Class

GSC Signature Gold Class – Luxury Cinema Experience at Mid Valley

This year is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise, and Skyfall is the 23rd movies of the franchise with Daniel Craig returned as Mr. Bond. I got free GSC Signature Gold Class tickets (RRP is RM70 per ticket) at the Gardens Mall Mid Valley so I brought my sister for a movie treat last month. The GSC Signature Gold Class tickets came with a complimentary drink and we topped up the popcorn. What kind of movie treat without popcorn anyway? The reclining sofa is still as comfortable as I remember since my last visit earlier this year. The service staff were attentive and would appear with a click on the button, though I don’t quite like the idea of someone interrupting me when watching a movie.

The movie was long for over 2 hours (even after some censored scenes). I find the movie was a little draggy towards the end, and I still could not get over the logic why no backups were sent to help Bond and M even when they had time to lay traps and chitchat before the bad guys appeared. Isn’t M supposedly to be a VIP, Very Important Person of MI6, no??? Weird right???

Anyway, it’s James Bond and who doesn’t like a handsome guy with guns, surrounded by pretty girls while kicking some bad guys asses. Also, I always have a soft spot for English gentlemen….

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James Bond Skyfall
GSC Signature Gold Class
The Gold Class movie hall
GSC Signature Gold Class
Our comfy reclining sofa with pillow and blanket, and also popcorn and water

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