TGV Indulge & James Bond’s Spectre

TGV Indulge

TGV Indulge – My Favourite Way of Watching Movies in the Cinema

TGV Indulge at One Utama has always been my favourite cinema. It is small, intimate and luxurious. Now, James Bond’ is back again with the latest movie, Spectre. It’s almost like a religion that one must go watch a James Bond’s movie just to see what fancy cars that he’s driving, what nice suits that he’s wearing and which pretty girls that he’s added to his list this time… I liked the whole British spy vibe but the storyline is really getting old and tired, because it’s always about a supervillain who wants to control the world and James Bond will always kill him in the end. James Bond can never die, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s another new movie and it’s been 3 years so my complaints about the previous movie should have been long forgotten in memory (except I did write about it here). This time to make the long movie (2 an a half hour long!) much more bearable we went to our favourite cinema in One Utama, TGV Indulge which has the reclining seats (twin seats for RM110) and we could order alcohols and our favourite San Pellegrino sparkling water (not included in movie tickets price). I used to go to GSC Gold Class but I don’t quite like the leather seats for the extra RM50 that we have to pay for it, and the lack of options for alcohol, plus other premium beverages. Although TGV Indulge’s services need to buck up a little (they are very slow in getting our drinks), we are pretty much will stick to this “movie dates” cinema for the time being.

The movie was quite boring in my opinion as the storyline is very much predictable and without climax nor cliffhanger. WHERE WAS THE CLIMAX MR BOND??? I did enjoy the fashion and fancy cars in the movie but other than that I don’t find this movie in any way intriguing or visually fascinating. I personally think the Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation had done a better job in keeping the spy movie genre interesting recently. Spectre was sadly as bored as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., but I prefer to watch the face of Henry Cavill more than Daniel Graig… Sorry, Mr Bond… Having said all that, Mr Bond will always have a special place in my heart as I always have a soft spot for English gentlemen. Regardless, my all time favourite James Bond moment is from the clip below 😉

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James Bond Spectre
TGV Indulge
TGV Indulge
The twin seat
TGV Indulge
Big Teddy in his comfortable position
TGV Indulge
Love the intimate setting

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