More About Me

Travel is my passion and the one thing that will always make me happy. I’m currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after having lived in China for 2 years (2009-2011) on a work assignment. I love the feeling of waking up in the new cities and the anticipation of new experiences whenever I travel. I also love taking pictures with my Sony A7ii with Sony 16-35mm E-Mount Lens, Sony RX100III and my faithful iPhone X. Not so much of a portrait photographer but love beautiful landscapes and architectures. Pictures published here are all mine unless stated otherwise. My travel style is always DIY & free and easy, as group tour is never my thing. I also like to research online about my travel destinations intensively beforehand. Data and internet connection are absolutely crucial whenever I travel. As I travel more and more over the years, I keep getting more and more questions about the details of some of my travelling. So that is why I want to blog about stories with my travel, food and lifestyle, as a way to remember those places and things that I’d seen and experienced.

Married to a Brit who loves Asia probably more than I do, our household is a constant West meets East banter. If a couple could survive travel together through the winter storms in Iceland, we could probably survive life together…

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