Top 5 Things to do in Teluk Intan

Top Things to do in Teluk Intan - Leaning Tower

What to do in Teluk Intan? Check out top things to do in Teluk Intan recommendation here

Wondering what are the things to do in Teluk Intan? Teluk Intan is such an underrated little town tucked away about 2-hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Once home to the Perak state royal family, Teluk Intan was where the Perak rulers held court from 1528 until Kuala Kangsar became the royal town in 1877. It was also known as Teluk Anson (Anson Bay) during the British colonial days in honour of Major-General Sir Archibald Edward Harbord Anson who planned for its modern township in 1882, before reverting back to Teluk Intan which translates to ‘Diamond Bay’. Today, Teluk Intan is a quaint town with ancient landmarks and great food, perfect for a day trip or even an overnight stay. Hint: This is a foodies’ heaven!

1. Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

The top attraction here is undeniably the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan or Manara Jam Condong in Malay. The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan is a clock tower in Perak, Malaysia. This is the Malaysian equivalent of the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Built-in 1885 first as a water tank, the tower leans due to the soft ground on which it was built, as well as the weight of the water in the water tank. This lesser-known landmark of Malaysia is so captivating I went there during the day and night just to capture it in different lights. I personally love the night shot as it is so amazing looking at night. What about you?

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If you are interested, the tower is also opened for visitors daily from 9am-5pm. Entrance ticket is merely MYR1/USD0.25 per person, for a peek inside this historic structure with its history and old pictures on display.

Instagram Tips: Weekdays has lesser crowds, else go early in the morning or later at night to capture the different lights.

Top Things to do in Teluk Intan - Leaning Tower
Top things to do – Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

2. Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun

One of the most famous delicacies in Teluk Intan is the Chee Cheong Fun, different from the usual ones found in Klang Valley or Penang, this version of steamed rice rolls with preserved turnip, aromatic shallots, dried shrimps, and served with pickled green chillies. The best place serving the Teluk Intan version of Chee Cheong Fun is Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun which apparently has been around for over 100 years. Open daily from 10am till late 2am (except Monday), this Chee Cheong Fun is one the most delicious food I’ve eaten. My sister was first introduced to it recently and got so addicted to it, I think we bought over 4 packets of them for us two and ate it over two days. The best part of this Chee Cheong Fun is that it’s fine to eat even after it’s cold. Do note that Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun is only for takeaway only, as it is sold behind the closed gate of a house. Price from MYR6/USD1.5 (at night) and MYR5.5/USD1.4 (during the day), most people probably come at night hence the slightly inflated selling price at night.

3. Night Market

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Every Saturday night there will be a night market selling local Malay delicacies near the Leaning Tower. Teluk Intan has a buzzing street food scene with all the local delicacies. From Nasi Lemak, to the famed ‘Apam Balik’ (turnover pancake), there are plenty more to explore, buy or taste at the night market.

4. Seafood

Given its prime location at a bay so close to the sea, Teluk Intan has many great seafood restaurants for an exceptional seafood meal. I’d personally Restoran Seafood Village as we had a lovely meal there. We tried the steamed prawns, steamed fish, the signature tofu and a vegetable, all for less than MYR80/USD20. Other seafood restaurants recommended by locals include d’ Tepian Sungai Restaurant, Tai Chong Seafood Restaurant, and Poh Loong Seafood Restaurant.

Restoran Seafood Village

5. Heong Peah (Fragrant Biscuit) 

“Heong Peah” (literally means Fragrant Biscuit) is a local biscuit originated from Teluk Intan. Heong Peah has a crispy pastry layer outside and a sticky sweet filling inside. Famous brands include Sin Guan Tin and Sin Joo Heong (also better known as the Tiger Brand), while I personally love the ones from Sin Guan Hoe. The is definitely the must-buy snack from Teluk Intan.

Heong Peah (Fragrant Biscuit)
Heong Peah (Fragrant Biscuit)

Other recommendations

Although Teluk Intan is a small town, it is an amazing foodie destination with lots of delicious food to taste. Other local recommendations include Mee Rebus (a boiled noodle dish served with a moderately spicy and sweet gravy) at Abdullah Mastan Ghany, Nasi Kandar (Malaysian mixed rice dish) at M. Ghulam Rasul, Curry Noodle at Kafe Xin Asia, and so many more.

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Curry Noodle
Curry Noodle at Kafe Xin Asia

Meanwhile, if you are looking for other places to visit, check out the Hock Soon Temple, which was constructed by the Hokkien community in 1883 with pot-bellied Laughing Buddha as the key symbol. Elsewhere nearby, there is the St. Anthony’s Church, built-in 1910 with a beautiful porch tower.

One thing that I wasn’t too impressed about Teluk Intan was the quality of hotels here. Most of them are really basic, just about acceptable for a one-night stay. We spent a night here in Teluk Intan before continuing our drive to Pulau Pangkor the following morning.

So have you been to this underrated town in Perak? If yes, share with us what are your top things to do in Teluk Intan!

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Top Things To Do in Teluk Intan

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