Phuket 118 – Monkey Beach @ Phi Phi Don Island

After the Bamboo island, we headed to the Monkey Beach is located in Yongkasem Bay on Phi Phi Don Island.
Monkey Beach is a beautiful beach with white soft sand where jungle clad limestone cliffs tower above.  However, our tour guide didn’t let us off the speedboat to get to beach. We only stopped near the cliff where a bunch of monkeys were hanging out. The monkeys looked quite aggressive if our speedboat was any nearer probably some would have jumped onto the boat. There was one particular monkey that was swimming in the sea when we were there and it was so cute to see the monkeys interacted with the tourists. There were quite a lot of speedboats and long boats around when we were there so it was quite crowded. We didn’t spend much time there and soon we took off to another destination… 

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