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Okonomi Solaris Dutamas - OknomiSushi

Famous for being able to customise your sushi like the Subway sandwich, Okonomi allows you to choose to make your sushi roll from a wide selections of fresh ingredients available. Okonomi has been in Solaris Dutamas for over 2 year now and recently they added new items to their existing menu to freshen up their menu selections.
I managed to sampled some of the new items like Slammin Salmon Sushi Roll, Tempura Squid with roasted garlic sauce, Chicken Karaage Waffle, Spicy Prawn Burger and Mix Lava Cake, which are the exiting additions to their already delicious menu. But first, we started with their signature customised sushi roll with bird eye chilli, spicy tuna, seasoned scallops, Japanese cucumber with spicy Mentai mayo (RM21.90) which turned out to be perfect for my spicy Malaysian taste bud. The spicy Mentai mayo was the star ingredient for this sushi roll!

Okonomi Solaris Dutamas Publika
Signature Okonomi make your own sushi with premium fillings for RM21.90
Next up, we had the spicy prawn burger (RM18.90) which was made out of Japanese rice cake topped with tobiko (fish roe) with spicy prawn fillings as patty. It was a satisfying version of a rice burger for sushi rice sucker like me…
New Item – Spicy Prawn Burger for RM18.90
The tempura squid with roasted garlic sauce (RM18.90) was a another winner, as the lightly battered squid was easy to chew and soaked up the tasty roasted garlic sauce perfectly, making it a great appetizer.
New Item – Tempura Squid with roasted garlic sauce for RM18.90
I also liked the Chicken Karaage Waffle served with butter sauce (RM18.90). The fried boneless chicken and waffle were match made in heaven. Thank goodness the restaurant gave enough butter sauce for us to just wipe clean the plate!
New Item – Chicken Karaage Waffle for RM18.90
Slammin Salmon (RM19.90) was a baked sushi roll on the new men, perfect for those who doesn’t like raw fish. I liked the char baked taste that came with this sushi roll.
New item – Slammin Salmon for RM19.90
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We also tried the Curry Chicken Pasta (RM16.90), an existing best selling item on their menu. It was a hearty version pasta with the pasta all coated with thick Japanese curry. It’s a good dish too share as I thought it was too indulgence for one person to finish it on its own.

Existing item – Curry Chicken Pasta for RM16.90
Last but not least, we had the Mix Lava Cake (RM21.90) which was made out of match green tea lava cake and chocolate ice cream. This dessert was satisfyingly good and I loved how the green tea lava fillings that’s just oozed out of the cake.
New Item – Mix Lava Cake for RM21.90
Overall, it was a good dinner at Okonomi. This is a simple, no fuss ding place for people who wants something different in Solaris Dutamas. The idea of being able to customise your food is quite appealing isn’t it? If you had tried the new menu, do let me know what you think about the new items ok?


Pick and choose your custom sushi ingredients
Customise your sushi

 Facebook Page:
Address: A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Next to Old Town White Coffee)
Business Hours: 11am-11pm (Daily except Closed on Monday)

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