Hokkaido 110 – Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts @ Niseko

Best Cheese Tarts in the World – Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts

This little Milk Kobo outpost at upper Hirafu sells the best cheese tarts that I ever had in my life. For ¥200, you’ll get the best cheese tart in the snowy weather. So when you pass by this little stall along the upper Hirafu just outside Yamazaki Convenient Shop, you must buy these Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts! Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Big Teddy even said this was the best tart ever and until today we still miss it…

Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts Niseko

Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts

Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts

Milk Kobo Cheese Tarts

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