Food For Thought 247 – Yung Kee HK Style Beef Noodles (庸記牛腩面) @ Pudu

Yung Kee HK Style Beef Noodles (庸記牛腩面) is making quite a lot of social media buzz this year so it was about time to check out this restaurant. We went there during weekday’s lunch and it wasn’t as packed as we had anticipated. Menu was simple and easy, just order the beef noodle (mixed with beef, briskets, beef balls and tendons) for RM8 (small) or RM9 (big) with your choice of noodles. You can also add a side of tender tripe or stomach (RM15-20).

I love the dark broth filled with herbs and slow cooked perfection, wished there were more of it with the noodle. The chili dip is quite good too with balance of spiciness and sourness, and I had a lot of refill of course. Overall I liked the beef noodle, tasted good like my other favourite, Tangkak Beef Noodle. I heard there are dry version of the beef noodle, as well as weekend specials such as US Striploin and Wahyu Beef version from RM25 onward. Try to come early to avoid disappointment as this place usually sell out by 2-3pm.

Do try it and tell me what do you think about it ok? Else, tell me where’s your favourite beef noodle place.

My bowl of beef noodle


From another angle


Extra tripe at the side (RM20)


The cooking stall and menu


The corner restaurant where the beef noodle stall is located
Address; Restaurant Kwai Hup,
24, Jalan Kancil,
Off Jalan Landak, Pudu, KL.
Tel: +6012-2158009
Open: 8am to 3.30pm or until finish daily (On Weekends, they usually finish by 2pm)

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  1. This afternoon i went there with my friend & 2 years old baby. The auntie waitress not very polite to serve us & tell us there is no more steam custard egg but we still see there are keeping in the fridge. Since we saw alot of empty chairs & just stack 3 chairs higher for 2 yrs old baby but at the end that rude aunties telling us in front of so many customers not to take so many chairs for baby to seat as there will be many customer coming to dine in later. Earlier we cant find any baby chair around then at the end that auntie instruct us to go & take baby chair ourself. This is so called 'GOOD' service we get from that shop. Besides, she also bring in 4-5 customers to seat at our tables as I haven't finished my beef noodle yet. As far as i know their noodle is not very tasty as comparing with desa sri hartamas 'Yat Ko' and jalan tun h.s lee 'Soong Kee'. If anyone whom wanted to go just need to double consideration of your trip to there.

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