London 109 – Burger & Lobster @ SOHO

Burger & Lobster London

Best Place for Lobster in London – Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster is a massive hit in London casual dining scenes and all of my friends who went to London had been highly recommending this restaurant. This restaurant 1st started in Mayfair in December 2011 and now has 8 outlets across London City, 1 outlet each in Bath, Manchester, Cardiff, Stockholm and even New York. We went to the Soho Outlet after spending the whole day walking around all the tourist sites. It was an early dinner for us but we were famished when we reached there at 5ish and was glad that we got a table straight away without waiting, probably because the odd hour when we got there. The 1st time I was there I made the 1st timer mistake by asking for the food menu and was politely told that they have no food menu available as there are only 3 items available, the Whole Lobster, the Lobster Roll and the Burger, all for £20 each. My sister and I ordered the Whole Lobster and the Lobster Roll to share, and decided that the Whole Lobster was the better choice between the two. 2nd time around I took Big Teddy who is from London but had left London to Asia by the time this restaurant became a hit in his home city.

I personally loved the Whole Lobster the most and for the £20 I paid (before Ringgit value went apeshit against the Pound), it was well worth it. The lobster was grilled to perfection and the chips were very good (Western potatoes are definitely far better than the Asian ones). The lobster is the main draw here so I was quite happy to keep to the Whole Lobster orders the 2nd time around when I went back there in May this year. The beverage is slightly overpriced and they do charge 12.5% service charge for your order.

Overall, Burger & Lobster is a good place for food if you don’t mind the entire restaurant mainly filled with tourists (SOHO’s outlet in particular), and the long waiting time during peak hour. It’s not the typical British food and more Americanised style of dining, but when the food is good, just eat it!

*Update in 2017 – Apparently they have revamped their menu and no longer offering fixed price lobster at £20. Instead, price starts from £23 for a 1 poundlobster up to 1.5 pound for £31. Also, their menu had expanded with more choices now!

Burger and Lobster London
Soho Outlet
Burger and Lobster London
The one and only food menu on the wall
Burger and Lobster London
2nd time around was waiting for half an hour for a table even after 2pm.
Burger and Lobster London
My grilled Whole Lobster 1st time around last year
Burger and Lobster London
My grilled Whole Lobster 2nd time around this year
Burger and Lobster London
Lobster meat omg…
Burger and Lobster London
The lobster claw
Burger and Lobster London
The Lobster Roll
Burger and Lobster London
More lobster, please
Burger and Lobster London
BL Ice Tea and Grapefruit Soda for £4.50 each
Burger and Lobster London
My hungry angry/happy? face….
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Burger & Lobster Official Website:
(check website for each outlet’s menu, price & business hours)
Tripadvisor (Soho Outlet) Review here.
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