Krabi 103 – Elephant Trekking by Nosey Parker Elephant Farm

I spent my birthday doing 1-hour of elephant trekking in the rubber plantation somewhere in Krabi. We booked the trip through our resort (THB800 per pax) and the Nosey Parker Elephant Farm’s operator picked us up at 1pm from the resort and it was a short 10 minutes drive away. We were introduced to our elephant, Kaka and she took us into the rubber plantation for an hour of bumpy ride. It wasn’t the safest ride on earth and I was wondering how did those Victorian ladies in the old days endured this kind of transportation when they were in India or South East Asia as I had butt ache after ride. Some parts I didn’t feel safe but overall the guides were very much in control and we had some fun in the rubber plantation. Kaka was playful and she was feeding nonstop. We had some good laugh too when the elephants started doing”big business” one after another and we had to wait for them to finish before we continued our ride. At the end of the ride we were given cucumber to feed Kaka and she quickly took all of it with her trunk. It was quite a surreal feeling getting so up close with an elephant so I’d recommend this experience if you are in Krabi. 
Our ride for the day, Kaka

Some mainland tourists that carried umbrella throughout the ride 

The guide called it “Coconut” but I called it “Elephant Dung”

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