Food For Though 199 – Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village 1

This new restaurant in Bangsar Village 1 is a brand spanking new porky restaurant in town. We went there in the 2nd day when it was opened last month, and went back again the same week just to try other food. The smell of paint were quite strong when we first entered the restaurant. Hopefully it had become more tolerable by now.

Kitchen counter

Inside the restaurant

Another seating area

Can you feel the sun?

The menu was simple, not extensive, with mostly breakfast, bread and sandwiches, pastas. Price wise they are slightly more expensive than similar restaurant like Plan B, probably because of the pork.

For starter, we ordered the spiced wedges with homemade mayo (RM9+). It was quite standard, nothing really special about the homemade mayo, I still prefer chilli sauce instead.
Then, we tried the Eggs Benedict (RM18+)  with loaded with lots of Hollandaise sauce together with pork bacon. Unfortunately, our poached eggs were not runny at all, and it was served on bread instead of English muffin. I did love the Hollandaise sauce and pork bacon, but they really need to make sure the poached eggs are served runny instead of overcooked. 

I tried this Mighty Piggy Pork Burger (RM24+) on my 2nd visit and loved generous serving of pork patty topped with homemade herb mayo and fried eggs. The pork patty was very tender and juicy, I absolutely loved every bite of it, although it became messy as the juicy patty fell apart quite easily. 
My friend tried the Roast Pork Fried Rice (RM19+) but claimed nothing special about this Thai influenced dish. 

My favourite was this signature pasta, The Wolf’s Favorite (RM27+). It was carbonara id disguise, filled with shredded pork bacon and mushroom, topped with poached egg. Unfortunately, the egg yolk was overcooked, same like our Eggs Benedict. But since it was their 2nd day in business, perhaps it was just some teething problem and hopefully they could improve and make runny eggs when I return next time. 

Overall, it was still a pleasant dining experience I had at the restaurant. Service was attentive mainly due to the small lunch crowd when I was there. It reminded me a lot like Plan B or S.Wine of The Big Group, but still has its own different takes on their food. I’d return to this restaurant again probably for brunch mainly, and look forward to see my poached eggs served with runny yolks next time…..  
Address: Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2283 2270
Business Hour: 10am-10pm daily
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