It’s Been A Long Time…(Part II)

With the China Great Firewall built around my blog, I tried & failed to upload any pictures so far. This is so freaking frustrating~! Lately I’ve been on mood swings as life throws so many different things to me at one time. A part of me feels that I’m wasting my youth here in this La La Land of Tianjin, and a part of me is actually missing home, yet another part of me is asking to stay strong & persevere. This is my 4th month in China and I’m hitting walls all around me. The excitements that brought me here 4 months ago had faded away and I’m back to reality again. I wonder is it Malaysia that I’m running away from? or I’m just running away from myself. Sigh… I still try to figure it out. Anyhow, I’ll be here for another 8 months at least… God I gotta love this La La Land of Tianjin~! Help please~!

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