Food For Thought 149 – Kuantan Salted Fish (关丹梅香咸鱼)

The famous Kuantan Salted Fish and other seafood

Kuantan is famous for its Salted Fish (关丹梅香咸鱼), it used to have a whole street of shops selling salted fish, but some years ago a fire burnt down the majority shops and most of the shops were never reopened. Now, if you are around Kuantan town, you still can find a few of these shops along Jalan Besar, where they sell a variety of salted fish and other local food stuff, like dried anchovies, scallops, squids and much more. My friends were happily shopping at the shop before we headed back to KL after our treasure hunt, and all of them said the price there was very reasonable. Well, I guessed I could be a tour guide soon to bring people around Kuantan – Kemaman – Awana Kijal.

Salted fish, is fish cured with dry salt and thus preserved for later eating, famous among the Chinese to use in porridge and other rice dishes. Used to be poor people’s food but now it has become a luxury as the price for salted fish is quite expensive.

Have you tried salted fish dishes before?

Kuantan Salted Fish

Chen Hing Salted Fish Shop at Jalan Besar, Kuantan

Kuantan Salted Fish

Kuantan Salted Fish

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