Yoga Is Banned For Malaysia Muslims

It is official that Yoga is banned for Malaysia Muslims, as per declaration by The National Fatwa Council over the weekend. The council believes that by doing Yoga, the Muslim’s faith might be eroded, hence lead to the official ban. This ban came out weeks just after the previous ban for Muslim women to dress like a ‘tomboy’. Mixed reactions were expected when the news broke, and most people were disappointed with such ban. I personally felt that this issue was blown out of proportion. I don’t understand why this country must make certain issues so difficult for the ordinary people. Poor all the Yoga centers that spent millions of dollars to expand their outlets, their business will surely be hit badly with such announcement. Well perhaps they have to change to Pilates centers instead… Anyway this is a free world and people should be given the choice to do whatever they want to do so long the fundamental beliefs are still intact. Unless some people has no confidence in their fundamental beliefs and need to impose rules to ‘safeguard’ their insecurity. I wonder…

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