The End Of One Journey Is The Beginning Of Another…

Technically my new year only started on 1st February 2011 when I left China for good on 31st January 2011. After a short break for over a week plus, I had again found myself in a new office, surrounded by new people (some familiar faces but never really gotten close before) yesterday. 2 years seems like yesterday cause I still remembered bidding farewell to some of the people here… And now I’m back. Feel like starting all over again, but I know it’s for the better and the best has yet to come!
This year I hope to achieve some personal goals, my career goals will have to take a back seat after I spent so many years chasing after something that I realized will never be as fulfilling and lasting as my personal goals. Also I need to renew my spiritual commitment after being away for so long in the spiritual dry land, China. Sorry God!
Well there are always so many things to do and so little time, suddenly it hit me that I’m in the last year of my 20s. Sigh, time flew in the blink of an eye and the big 30 is just right in front of me. So without further adieu I shall make the best of this year. There are some old habits to be thrown out the window and new things to learn and embrace. I’d been living an interesting and adventurous life and I hope it will be even more interesting and adventurous than before ahead of me. God had been good to me and I thank Him for that.
Meanwhile, it’s a new day everyday and that is why today is called the PRESENT. Kinda a lame saying but presently I’m glad to be around still. ^-^
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