My 10D9N Kyoto/Osaka Japan Kasai Trip Itinerary Part 1

Kyoto Osaka Japan Kasai Trip Itinerary

Best of Kansai, Japan – Kyoto & Osaka

Just a quick update of my recent Japan trip with my Part 1 Kyoto & Osaka itinerary… I really enjoyed the trip and had a really good time exploring this country that I’d been dreaming to visit since young… And the best part was Japan is so much better that I’d ever imagined!

Day 1:

1. Kansai International Airport – Pick-up B-mobile SIM Card, JR Rail Pass and ICOCA Card

2. Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” to Kyoto Station (京都駅)

My 10D9N Kyoto/Osaka Japan Kasai Trip Itinerary
Hello Kyoto

3. Check in Matsubaya Ryokan (京都 松葉家旅館) – Full review click here.

4. Lunch at Gogyo Restaurant (京都 五行) – Full review click here.

Gogyo Burnt Ramen

5. Shopping at Nishiki Market (京都 錦市場)- Full review click here.
6. Shopping at Kawaramachi (京都 河原町)
7. Dinner at Kyogokukaneyo (京都 京極かねよ) – Full review click here.

Kyogokukaneyo Unagi Don


Day 2:
1. Fushimi Inari Taisha (京都 伏見稲荷大社) – Full review click here.

The amazing Fushimi Inari Taisha (京都 伏見稲荷大社)

2. Lunch at Musashi Sushi (寿しのむさし 京都駅) – Full review click here.
3. Free guided tour at Yamazaki Whiskey Distillery (山崎蒸溜所) – Full review click here.

The great whiskey factor

4. Kaiseki Dinner (懐石料理) at  Kyomachiya-Suishin (京都 京町家すいしん) – Full review click here.

Kaiseki Dinner in Pontocho Street of Kyoto

5.  Shopping at Gion (京都 祇園)

Day 3:
1. Arashiyama (京都 嵐山)- Full review click here.
2. Sagano Sight-seeing Tram (京都 嵯峨野トロッコ列車) – Full review click here.
Lovely view of the Arashiyama
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3. Tenryoji Temple (京都 天龍寺)- Full review click here.

Awesome Bamboo Forrest

4. Lunch at Arashiyama Udon Ozuru (京都 嵐山うどん おづる) – Full review click here.
5. Kinkakuji Temple (京都 金閣寺) – Full review click here

The reflection of Kinkakuji Temple (京都 金閣寺)

6. Saba sushi (鯖寿司) dinner at Izuu (京都 いづう) – Full review click here.

Delicious Saba sushi (鯖寿司)

7. Shopping at Gion (京都 祇園)and Kawaramachi (京都 河原町)


Day 4:

1. Kiyomizu Dera (京都 清水寺) – Full review click here.

Super crowded Kiyomizu Temple

2. Lunch at Kiyomizu Dera (京都 清水寺)

Yummy Cold Soba

3. Depart for Osaka Station (大阪駅)
4. Check in Hearton Nishi Umeda Hotel (ハートンホテル西梅田) – Full review click here.
5. Shopping at Umeda (大阪 梅田)
6. Dinner at Chikuchikuya (矗々家 JR大阪駅前店) – Full review click here.

Kyoto/Osaka Japan Kasai Trip Itinerary

** To be continued at My 10D9N Kyoto/Osaka Japan Kansai Itinerary Part 2 (click here)…
** Tips to survive and navigate Japan (Kansai area in particular) please click here.
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  1. This guide is so incredible and full of good information! We’re traveling around Japan for three weeks in November so I’m sure I’ll be using this quite a bit as I plan!

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