Ho Chi Minh 102 – Quan An Ngon 138 Restaurant

Located opposite the Independence Palace, Quan An Ngon 138 Restaurant was our first stop for lunch after a short walk around the hotel. It was raining and our lower bodies were pretty wet when we reached the restaurant right before the lunch crowd started to swamp the place. We took our time to browse through the menu which came with English translation, but the many choices available there took me a while to decide what I wanted to sample…  
The restaurant
Inside the restaurant
The beverage counter
Inside the restaurant
Appetizer Menu
Noodle Menu
Seafood Menu
Coffee and Tea Menu
Vietnamese Dessert Menu
In the end, I went for the obvious choices like Vietnamese Coffee (VND40,000), Fried Spring Roll (VND52,000), Ngon Style Grilled Squid (VND110,000), Pho/Beef Noodle Soup (VND54,000) and Assorted Beans and Jelly in Coconut Milk (VND25,000). Of all the food we ordered, I loved the grilled squid the most, followed by the Vietnamese Coffee. The Pho was just okay as I still prefer dry noodle over noodle soup. The fried spring roll tasted about the same as any Chinese spring rolls, perhaps because both Chinese and Vietnamese food have too much in common. Also, I’m never a green vegetable person so all the fresh vegetables that came with all the dishes didn’t quite turn on my appetite. 
Overall, the ambiance of the restaurant was good and service was attentive although most of the staff couldn’t really understand English. The price was considered alright as we saw quite a number of locals were having lunch there as well. In the mean time, we also had fun watching the locals ordered some weird food that we had never seen before, while waiting for the rain to stop before we could continue exploring the city… 
Vietnamese Coffee (VND40,000)
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Assorted Beans and Jelly in Coconut Milk (VND25,000)
Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (VND52,000)
Side dishes and sauces for the Pho/Vietnamese beef Noodle Soup
Pho/Beef Noodle Soup (VND54,000)
Ngon Style Grilled Squid (VND110,000)
Other food that we saw at restaurant…. 
 Ho Tay Style Crispy Shrimp Pastry
Rice Vermicelli Spring Rolls
Pounded Shrimp Hash Fried on Sugar Cane
Address: 138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 8 3827 9666
Official Website: http://quanngon138.com/

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