Petronas Twin Towers a.k.a. KLCC Twin Towers

One weekend in this March, I was hanging out alone at the KLCC area while waiting for my parents and brother to finish with the convocation stuff nearby. I never really got  the chance to bring my lovely Sony NEX 5N camera out to shoot some iconic KL structures until that day. It was a perfect blue sky (I wish for big white clouds though) and the Petronas Twin Towers a.k.a. KLCC Twin Towers looked still as stunning as ever before even after so many year since 1998. Well maybe one day I will come back to shoot again when there is deep blue sky and big white clouds….  
For more information about the towers:
The Mighty Twin Towers!

Skyline of KL from KLCC Park
Inside the Shopping Complex
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Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Race Car (It was a Grand Prix weekend)
Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Super Car Worth RM1.8m

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