Food For Thought 178 – Mandi Mandi @ Tamarind Springs Ampang

Tamarind Springs offer a different dining experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where you can actually find great food right in the middle of a jungle. Thanks to my company, I had the chance to fine dine at this restaurant back in March this year. We booked the entire section to ourselves, with free flow of champagne throughout the night. Best of all, I got myself a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne and another bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne, thanks to my clients which allow the bank to earn enough to award me with the Champagnes!
Well Champagne bubbles aside, the food served for the night were really good (well except for the dessert which I found the taste was too weird to my liking). Everything was spicy which i absolutely loved, especially the super spicy papaya salad and the river lobster with Petai & Santan (coconut milk) cream. Portion wise they were all really small serving but hey it was meant to be a fine dining experience and I had enough bubbly to keep me happy, so I had a really good night! (still dislike the dessert though)… 
In short, food was great, but the non air conditioned ambiance with occasional mosquitoes invasion might be a turn off for some. For those who seek adventures in a jungle and don’t mind to splurge, this is THE PLACE in Kuala Lumpur to do so.    


Jalan 1, Taman TAR Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 4251 7200
Official Website:

A long walk down to the restaurant (this was taken half way down upwards to the entrance)
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Left to Mandi Mandi – Thai Grill and Malay Cuisine
Right to Tamarind Springs – Fine Indochinese Cuisine
Tamarind Springs
Mandi Mandi
Table all set for fine dining dinner
Buddha Statue at Mandi Mandi
Our menu of the night
 Crispy Crab Sticks, Chili Basil Mussels and Spicy Papaya Salad
Red Tom Yam Mixed Seafood Soup
Lobster with Petai and Santan Cream, Chicken Pandan Leaf Parcels, Garlic Sauteed Asparagus and Steamed Jasmine Rice
My prices of the night – Moet & Chandon Champagne and Dom Pérignon Champagne

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