Hong Kong 118 – Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter (香港仔避風塘)

Since 1960s, Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter (香港仔避風塘) is located in Southern District, between the southern part of Hong Kong Island and the island Ap Lei Chau. The Aberdeen floating village is located within the shelters, which made out of Aberdeen West Typhoon Shelter (香港仔西避風塘) and Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter (香港仔南避風塘). It is also the home to Aberdeen Marina, which the rich and famous park their yachts, and the famous Jumbo Kingdom (珍寶王國) restaurant. We paid HKD60 per person for a 30 minutes boat ride around the shelters, it was a very different side of Hong Kong that we saw that day. It was such a strong contrast between the rich and poor as we ride past the Marina to the floating village, where we saw the extreme rich with their lavish lifestyle on their yachts and the poor fishermen living their fishing boats. Indeed, Hong Kong is such a culturally diversified city which offer truly eye opening experience, even in such a small area within the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.  
Aberdeen Marina

Ap Lei Chau Bridge.
Aberdeen floating village
The middle yacht is Jackie Chan’s, according to our tour guide
Aberdeen floating village
Famous Jumbo Kingdom

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