People Come & People Go

Just now I went for dinner with a friend at a place that I don’t usually go, and i bumped into my ex sitting right at the next table when I was about to leave the restaurant. Without saying hello, I walked past him & left the restaurant. I think he came in later with her now girlfriend, still the same girl that he left me for. Somehow I didn’t notice him ealier, perhaps he didn’t notice me either. Anyway, it’s a thing in the past now. How fast time has passed and that was the 1st time I saw him after almost 4 years. We didn’t keep in touch since we last spoken. I used to wonder what will it be like if I ever see him again, but today it had happend at the least expected time and none of those scenarios that I have ever imagined happened. Actually, NOTHING happened. He still looked like old time, maybe a lil more mature and I’m still the same gal, maybe a lil more sophisticated.
Sigh.. people come & people go in life. Some people stay a little longer and some don’t. Some people leave a mark or trail and some leave regrets. Most of the people we meet in life will leave bittersweet memories. It’s up to us to decide whether to keep the bitter part of it or the sweet part of it. Most importantly, people move on with life and we should always make the best part out of every encounter that we have with one another.
So my friends, I’ll catch you on the flip side!
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