Another Year Had Passed

2010 is finally here! Without much blast & fireworks in the capital of China, I spent a quiet new year’s eve at home watching DVD. I even skipped the reflections part as the year closes, didn’t make any new year wishes for the coming year. Everything just went utterly ordinary. It almost felt like every other day, except for all the new year wishes came through text messages from the computer & mobile phone. Yet, another year had passed, another decades had passed. While the new being celebrated, will the old be remembered? All the turbulence occurred in 2009, will we learn from the history & not to repeat the mistakes? I think not, as the human beings always repeat their own mistakes, it’s just what we are made of. Well, we still ought to be be grateful for all the good & bad things in life that shape our characters.
Blessed New Year everyone! May all your wishes come true, sooner or later! It’s just the matter of time anyway 😉

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