Great Awakening 101

I have never realized how comfortable I am at my current job until I went for an interview with another foreign bank yesterday. I like the director, she is a strong women with high standards and working under her would be very challenging as I believe that she could bring out the best & competitive of her employee, at the same time she is very direct & demanding. She has pointed out that my current position has made me overly comfortable until I forgot to continue to improve myself by taking on additional professional courses to further enhance my career, such as CCP and CFA. It was such an eye opener to me and it hit me hard as I realized that most of my peers in other companies have done something or another with their lives that would help them to enhance their career in the long term. I was so blindsided or overconfidence that although I know what I want in my life but I haven’t done anything drastic to expedite it. Gosh, I’m so lack of discipline!
From today onwards, I should get up on my lazy feet and start learning new things and move myself close to where I want to be in the future. So help me God!

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