L’Oreal 1-Day Only Mini Clearance at Damansara Uptown

I went to check out the L’Oreal 1-Day Mini Clearance at Damansara Uptown this morning around 11.45am. The crowd was not too bad at least I still could browse all the stuff without screaming. I bought quite a few items for my mum as she uses the L’Oreal White Perfect range, and I manage to grab the last of the White Perfect Mask for RM20. I’m not really a big fan of Maybelline nor L’Oreal cosmetics but I bought a few lipsticks and eye shadows as presents since Christmas is just around the corner. I loved the Elseve hair products that I bought cause now I could use a lot of conditioner; hair mask at such a cheap price of RM10. As for the Garnier range since most of the products were going at RM5.00, I just picked up the Milky Lightening Dew for my body use. I left as a happy gal cause I got myself lots of great bargains. At the end of the day, I think my mum will be the happiest person when I give her most of the stuff that I bought.
L’Oreal Mini Clearance at Damansara Uptown Car Park Level 6
L’Oreal Mini Clearance Area
L’Oreal Paris Items

L’Oreal Elseve Area

Garnier Items

Basket of Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow

Maybelline Area

Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadows

Payment Counters

L’Oreal Elseve Daily Instant Treament Non Rinse Essence & Anti Frizz Mask (RM10.00 each)

Maybelline Lipsticks (RM10.00 each); L’Oreal Double Extension Mascara (RM20.00)

L’Oreal White Perfect Facial Foam (RM10.00) & Zooming Spot Corrector (RM20.00)

L’Oreal White Perfect Mask (RM20.00)

Garnier Light Milky Lightening Dew (RM5.00)
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