Beijing 129 – Panda (熊猫) at Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo is the oldest and largest zoo in Asia Pacific. I’m not a big animal lover but I purposely made a trip there because I want to see the Panda. I paid RMB20 for the entrance ticket and all set to see the Panda in my life for the first time. However, all the panda were so lazy and most of them were sleeping when I went to see them. The way that they slept looked exactly like a human. By the end of that trip, I knew exactly just how Panda’s sh*t was like. ^-^
In front of Beijing Zoo
Entering the Panda Area
Panda sleeping
Panda sleeping like a human
Panda happy sleeping
All of the panda were sleeping
Panda Sh*t
Me & the panda
Panda waiting for food
Panda wandering
Panda Playing
Me & the Panda

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