L’Oreal 1-Day Only Mini Clearance at Damansara Uptown (Part Two)

In the afternoon I went back to the L’Oreal Mini Clearance with my BFF as she wanted to pick up some stuff for her parents & boy friend. My sister far away in Beijing also wanted me to buy her the L’Oreal Mineral Foundation & Maybeline Volume Express Mascara. Being a good sister I wouldn’t wanna disappoint my lil sis so I went back there to get the stuff that she wanted. We reached there around 3pm & some of the products’ prices already marked down further, like the L’Oreal nail polish (RM10 for 3 instead of RM5 for 1). The Maybeline mascara was a serious good buy but since I had enough of mascara to last me for another year, I only got one for my sister. The good thing about this Mini Clearance was that all the stuff were newly manufactured only this year. Well the only bad thing about warehouse clearance is that I always buy stuff that I don’t really need and I will end up spending more.
L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation (RM30) & Maybeline Volume Express Mascara (RM12)
L’Oreal UV Protector In Beige Color (RM15)
L’Oreal Nail Polish (RM10 for 3)

Garnier Blemish Clear Pen (RM5)

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