Money Saving Tips 101 – Where To Park When You Shop at KL Pavilion?

This is a well kept secret for many as most people do not know that Menara Standard Chartered has a flat parking rate for Weekdays after 5pm, Saturday after 1pm and whole of Sunday & Public Holiday at only RM3.50 per entry. Since Menara Standard Chartered is just right next to KL Pavilion as you drive from Jalan Sultan Ismail, why pay the hefty expensive hourly parking rate at KL Pavilion itself? Although things could be a bit messy during rainy days as the walkway from Menara Standard Charted is not covered but still you can save a lot of parking fees by parking at Menara Standard Charted and hop to KL Pavilion which is just right next to it. That’s is why I don’t mind going to KL Pavilion for hangout during weekends, especially with my California Fitness membership card I could get even cheaper flat rate at RM2.50 instead of RM3.50.

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