Dance Baby Dance

I’m one of those people who lead a double life. At day I’m a serious working banker, at night I’m a fun loving gal who love to dance. I love to dance. It has been my passion since my younger days, in my primary school days, my university & church days, even until now at the gym & clubs after working hours. Now as my workload is getting more and more, my dancing days are on the other hand getting lesser and lesser. I really missed those days where I got to choreograph for events, to perform at different road shows at clubs and shopping complexes, and even to make a small appearance on TV (such as cameo on NTV7’s Jojo’s Ticket to Well Being in late 2006).

I’m a strong believer that through dancing I could keep my physical and emotional state of mind at the very best and of course at the SEXIEST. Gals who can move the dance floor are the sexiest cause they always catch the eyes of many, do you not agree with me?

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