Food For Thought 173 – Putien (莆田) @ 1 Utama

Putien restaurant (莆田) serves Heng Hwa (or Xing Hua) cuisine, a regional
specialty that has its roots traced to Putian, a beautiful coastal town
located in the Fujian province of China. Still pretty new to Malaysia, Putien’s outlet in 1Utama opened its door on 5th January 2012. I took my family for dinner over the last weekend to celebrate my brother’s graduation. We were there at 7pm but waited half an hour for a table. The dinner crowd for a Saturday night was extremely packed. However, service was still okay as they have dedicated waiter to serve each different section. We ordered quite a fair bit of dishes as I wanted to let my family try some good food that they don’t usually get in Kuantan. Unfortunately some of the famous starters had sold out. 
Still we enjoyed our dinner very much with all the dishes came out great. We loved the Fried Oyster Omelet for its crispness, the Salt & Pepper Pork Trotters for it’s crisp skin and fatty but not overly greasy flesh, the Stir Fried Chili Lala Clams for its fresh yet spicy taste, the Deep-Fried Boneless Mandarin Fish for its delicious sweet and sour sauce, the Fried Heng Hwa Mee Hoon for its extra fine noodles, the Putien Lor Mee for its pot full of pork belly, prawn & clams all braised in creamy pork broth.   
Overall, great food, service can be further improved, good value for money, definitely worth visiting again. 


G213A Ground Floor, Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing), Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-77221539
Official website: and

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Putien @ 1Utama

Premium Tieguanyin Tea (铁观音茶) for RM7.90+ each
In House Home Made Chili
Braised Pork Intestines (九转小肠) for RM12.90+
XO Cold Jelly Fish (XO酱海蜇) for RM8.90+

Fried Oyster Omelet for RM16.90+
Salt & Pepper Pork Trotters  (椒盐猪手) for RM7.90+ each
Stir Fried Chili Lala Clams for RM14.90+
Deep-Fried Boneless Mandarin Fish (松鼠桂鱼) for RM69.90+
Fried Heng Hwa Mee Hoon  (兴化米粉) for RM15.90+
Putien Lor Mee (莆田卤面) for RM15.90+

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