Japan 107 – Musashi Sushi (寿しのむさし) @ Kyoto Station

Musashi Sushi ( 寿しのむさし) at Kyoto Station is one of the easiest place for lunch/dinner after short trip out of town via the Kyoto train station. We stopped by this restaurant for lunch after our visit to Fushimi Inari Taisha. There were some lunch crowd and we had to wait for our seats standing inside the restaurant. However, the queue was moving quite fast and we got seated quite quickly shortly after.

Musashi Sushi is a typical kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi restaurant) so everything is served on the conveyor belt. The price for almost all the sushi was about ¥130 each and we paid a extra for drinks, miso soup and green tea ice cream (about ¥137- ¥147). Although it wasn’t the best sushi around but it was easy, cheap and reliable, so we were pretty happy with what we got for our money. I’d highly recommend this place to those who are looking for a relatively cheap but decent place for sushi, especially for those who are passing through Kyoto Station.















Address:〒600-8214 京都市下京区東塩小路高倉町8-3,京都駅八条口構内,アスティーロードレストラン街
Tel:+81 75-662-0634
Business Hour: 10:00am ~10:30pm(Last Order 10:15pm)
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