HK Boy Cart Noodle (香港仔車仔麵) @ Kepong – Review

HK Boy Cart Noodle (香港仔車仔麵)

Why fly to Hong Kong when you can have the cart noodle here in Kuala Lumpur? Check out HK Boy Cart Noodle (香港仔車仔麵) @ Kepong

This fairly new restaurant in Kepong is fast becoming my new favourite noodle joint in Kuala Lumpur. The HK Boy Cart Noodle Restaurant is bringing the iconic cart noodle, which is a cultural icon of Hong Kong that became popular in the 1950s through independent street vendors operating on roadsides and in popular housing estates in low-income districts, using only push carts. Now, here in Kepong, you can enjoy a bowl of nicely cooked cart noodle with the ingredients that you select and assemble yourself.

HK Boy Cart Noodle (香港仔車仔麵)


The Cart Noodle

HK Boy Cart Noodle’s menu is simple and no fuss, just pick the type of noodle you like, the sauce you like and the accompanying ingredients as many as you like. My recommendation is to choose the mee hoon + beef tendon sauce + special chilli sauce (a must try!) + 3-layered pork + luncheon meat + fried tofu. The restaurant is currently running promo whereby any noodle and sauces plus 3 ingredients cost only RM13.60++, which normally would costs RM15.60 – RM16.60++ per bowl.

I’d been here twice in a week and I loved my 2 bowls of noodles as I experimented with different combinations. I would definitely return to try out the other ingredients too. Their special chilli sauce is my favourite and it totally enhances the taste of the broth and all the ingredients in the bowl.

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HK Boy Cart Noodle
Simple menu
HK Boy Cart Noodle
A large portion of-Cart Noodle

The Side Dishes & Beverages

Other personal favourites including the Rice Noodle Roll (RM6.00++), Egg Waffle (RM6.00+) and Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea (RM6.90++). The Rice Noodle Roll is absolutely addictive and I could eat it all day. The Egg Waffle was surprisingly light and crispy, making a very enjoyable snacks/dessert. As for the Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea and their Iced coffee/mixed coffee and tea, they place the drinks in an ice bucket hence the drinks will always be cold and not diluted from the melting ice inside like the normal iced beverage.

However, not everything was to my liking. The fake fin soup (RM6.00++) was quite a let down as it was too watery to my taste, and the curry fish ball  (RM5.00++) was not as curry flavoured as I’d like.

Still, I’m glad that I’d discovered this restaurant. I was told the first outlet was opened a year ago in Bandar Mahkota Cheras which is too far from where I usually hang out, but this HK Boy Cart Noodle’s Kepong new outlet is quite nearby to get my craving for cart noodle easily satisfied.

HK Boy Cart Noodle
The Hong Kong Egg Waffle

Hong Kong Cart Noodle Fun Fact

Did you know that Hong Kong Cart Noodle is known for its poor hygiene in the old days, hence it was also commonly referred as “filthy noodle”(嗱喳麵)? However, in modern days, most of them are now selling in proper restaurants since the hygiene standards rose over the year…

Have you tried cart noodle in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world? Share with me your experience here…

HK Boy Cart Noodle Facebook Page here.
Address: 79, Jalan Kepong, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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HK Boy Cart Noodle

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  1. Street noodles are so good. We had to have some as we traveled Thailand. Of course, we were a little worried about “dirty noodles” so we wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for hygiene and quality ingredients.

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