London 107 – Westminster Abbey

As we continued to stroll towards the River Thames we stopped by at the Westminster Abbey. There was a long queue at the north entrance and our London Pass was not helpful in getting us quicker into the church, only helped us saved a few seconds at the ticket counter by just scanning our London Pass rather than taking our money to pay for the entrance fee of £20. This Gothic abbey church is definitely one of the most well known churches in the world, thanks to its “Royal Peculiar” linkage to the British Monarch, and of course the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 boosted its status to the rest of the world.
The church is magnificent and I was a little overwhelmed to be inside such an historic structure that was rebuilt in the 1500s. The payout is quite huge so we spent some time walking around the nave, cloisters and chapter house. It was serene and calming to be inside such notable religious place and I was glad to have that experience. I think I just love everything about the European churches and castles…

North entrance 

The Chapter House
The Cloister and Garth

The Little Cloister

The West Entrance

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