Best of United Kingdom – Stonehenge


Best of United Kingdom – Stonehenge

Located about 140km from London city, Stonehenge is United Kingdom’s most famous prehistoric monument. The iconic stone circle was erected in the late Neolithic period about 2500 BC, while the 1st monument at the site, an early henge monument, was built more than 5,000 years ago.


We drove all the all way from Cambridge with a stop at Bicester Village for brunch, and managed to get to Stonehenge just after midday. After we parked our car, we were greeted by the award-winning visitor center 2.1km from the Stone Circle. We bought our entrance ticket at the visitor center and decided to walk to the Stone Circle, instead of waiting for the shuttle bus ride which had a long queue. If you have the patience to wait in a queue, the 10 minutes ride will bring you straight to the Stone Circle from the visitor center. It was quite a long walk but the weather was good when we were there. I always enjoy walking in the English countryside and I was blessed with good weathers whenever I was in the UK the past few trips.

The long walk to the Stone Circle
Stonehenge Blog
We were entertained by the military helicopter flew by
Great day out in the field

After a long stroll, we were finally greeted by the one and only Stonehenge’s Stone Circle. Many of us recognise that unique Stone Circle,  which is comprised of roughly 80 massive upright stones placed in a circular and lintels layout as one of the most iconic landmarks in the UK. It was definitely much smaller than I’d imagined when I first saw it, and made me wondered the reason it was erected in such a way at such a place. Up until now, the facts surrounding the architects and construction of Stonehenge remain shadowy at best, and the purpose of this magnificent monument is still shrouded with mystery.

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We did a round of the Stone Circle, took some selfies and a lot of shots of the rocks, before we walked another 2.1km back to the visitor center. It was quite an effort just to see some rocks but I thought it was worth the time, just to understand a little of some prehistoric significances of this unique site.

Almost there!
We were at the red spot
Stunning looking piles of rocks
I wonder why it was built this way
Up close but not close enough

Today, Stonehenge along with Avebury, forms the heart of a World Heritage Site listed since 1986. Therefore, Stonehenge attracts almost a million visitors every year. Open daily (except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) from 9.30am-5pm, visitors are expected to pay walk up ticket prices for Adult £17.50, Child £10.50 or Family £45.50. Advance booking is recommended for discounted prices (about £1 less). This World Heritage Site is definitely worth a day trip out from London and for some good prehistoric educational experiences.

Have you been to the Stonehenge yet?

The sky was so captivating on that day


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  1. Lovely pics, it looks like you had great weather for your visit too! I’m from the UK and still haven’t been here (believe it or not) so I think I will have to add it to my list now! Ellie

  2. I went to Stonehenge many years ago, right after they put up the barriers. My family roots trace back to South Hampton. We even visited relatives while we were out. Stonehenge is a magical place.

  3. I definitely want to go here someday! It’s such an iconic spot. It looks like you had the place almost to yourself too! And the weather looks great. Seems like you had the perfect visit!

  4. I’ve never been to UK, but if I do, I will make sure to visit Stonehenge! It is quite an impressive site and I could see why it attracts so many visitors year after year! Great tip on reserving the tickets in advance for discount!

  5. Stonehenge looks like a great place to visit. How far in advance do you need to get tickets? I wonder if it books up pretty quickly!

  6. I have always wanted to go to Stonehenge!! Eventually I will make it there. I loved all of your photos, too! We have something similar in my home state, Virginia, but it’s called Foamhenge… hahaha a “parody” of sorts made entirely of foam lol

  7. I went to Stonehenge around 10 years ago–can’t believe it’s been that long! We were there on a day with horrible weather unfortunately. It was raining, sleeting and hailing, but it was still really cool to see! Glad that you had good weather–love your photos!

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