1 Month in Shanghai (上海一月记)

March 6th marked my 1-month stay in Shanghai. Within this short period of time, I’d experienced the cold winter days (although it wasn’t the coldest nor snowing), as well as the breezy spring moments that I’m embracing now as the weather turning warmer. Also within this 1-month, I’d explored most the Shanghai tourist spots.
Shanghai to me is a city filled with shopping complexes & dining places, but lack of historical attractions. The people on the streets here are quite unfriendly, some are even rude. I’d been cut queue for God knows how many times, in the toilet, at the payment counter, at the MRT station. And I’d been pushed for also God knows how many times, at the MRT stations, on the normal streets, in the lifts, on the escalator and many more places. Sometimes I wonder why certain people just can’t be slightly considering or polite, or perhaps it’s just the culture that needs to be changed. That’s the only complaint I have about this place, though my colleague at work are fine but the strangers overall on the streets could be quite scary at times. I think it will take at least another generation or two to change the culture. Meanwhile for now, I have no choice but to live with the culture. God help me & bless those people that I might have cursed for their rudeness.

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