Paris 108 – Louvre Museum

Best Museum In The World – Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum (or Musée du Louvre) is the most visited museum in the world after the Palace Museum in China (a.k.a. Forbidden City), with 9.3 million and 8.6 million visitors in 2014 and 2015 respectively. We went during the last week of October in 2014 and the crowd wasn’t too bad when we went in the late morning. The queue to get in was bearable due to all the security screening procedures even before all the terrorist incidents so it might be worse nowadays.

After getting into the museum underneath the famous glass pyramid, we bought our tickets through the vending machine using credit card, left our trench coats at the cloakroom (free of charge), and quickly walked into the maze of vast collections of over 35,000 objects and relics on display from all around the world.

The Lourve museum is so huge that I reckoned it would take days to properly browse through their collections. Since we only had a few hours, we had to focus on the few top things to see inside the museum. The most famous of course is none other but the Mona Lisa. This painting was so much smaller that I’d imagined, and I had to push through a sea of people to get to the front of the painting (see pictures below)…

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With the vast collections available, I enjoyed the paintings and sculptures display the most inside the Louvre. I also particularly love the Napoleon III Apartments. It was so majestic and spectacular in every way, much like the King’s State Apartment at Kensington Palace.

We only managed to spend about 4 hours in the museum and that wasn’t enough for us to finish even half the galleries. One full day is probably better if you are a museum junkie. I’d definitely have to come back again! But for now, I’m just happy that I’d seen the Mona Lisa in this life time….

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Underneath the famous Glass Pyramid
 Inside The Louvre
 The iconic pyramid
Napoleon III Apartments
Napoleon III Apartments
Isn’t this majestic?! Napoleon III Apartments
Napoleon III Apartments
The dining room inside Napoleon III Apartments
The sea of people wanting to see the Mona Lisa
The one and only Mona Lisa
 So many visitors
Aphrodite, known as the Venus de Milo
We-fie with Milo
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Official Website:
Address: 75001 Paris, France
Opening Hours: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday: from 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Admission Fee: €15 per adult

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Louvre Museum Paris

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