Food For Thought 202 – Ana Ikan Bakar Petai @ Kuantan

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai is “the place” for grilled fish in Kuantan. Since its Chinese New Year and most Chinese restaurants were closed, I took my parents to this restaurant to try out the famous grilled fish (ikan bakar in Malay). The tables were fast filling up when we got there slightly before 7pm. We quickly picked our fishes and other seafood, and decided on the cooking methods, before the dinner crowd came pouring in. Our food took a while to arrive, but the wait was worthwhile. I loved the grilled stingray (ikan pari bakar) the most, although I don’t quite like the stink bean (petai) which was their signature way of grilling fishes. The other fish, ikan barat was not as good as the stingray. Also their 2 special sauces were quite good complimenting the fishes. The deep fried calamari was really good too, but the pan fried clams were a little overcooked. For RM88, it was quite a sumptuous dinner for 4 person. Although some other reviews said that this place was overrated, but from this recent dining experience, I’d recommend this place for some really nice grilled stingray. 

The famous green top restaurant right next to the beach in Tanjung Lumpur
Different seafood to choose from
Fish Menu
Different way to cook the seafood
More fish and seafood menu
Inside the restaurant
Pan fried clams for RM25
Deep fried calamari for RM19
Grilled Ikan Barat for RM24
Grilled Stingray for RM15
Their special sauces came with the grilled fishes

Address: Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan, Malaysia.
Tel: +6013-9989175
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