Shopping Cart 143 – Magic Bullet 21 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender

As I grow older I tends to be a little more health conscious. Being a avid meat eater I seldom touch the vegetable and fruits. However, I’m taking a small step by making myself fruit smoothies thanks to the Magic Bullet 21-Piece Multi-Purpose Blender that I recently purchased from a group deal website. For only RM128, I got myself a juicer and a blender that work effortlessly for my daily doze of fruit smoothies.  It is currently my favourite piece of kitchenware in my kitchen as it takes less than 3 minutes to blend and clean. The best part is it blends right in the cup you’ll drink out of and never mess up your kitchen with all the different parts to clean, only the cup and the blender! 
So, here are what I’d usually do with my Magic Bullet…
My usual mix of fruit smoothies
All ready to be blended
Press and Hold for 10 seconds! Repeat that a few time! How simple is that!

Woala! My fruit smoothies is ready!
According to the recipe book provided, this tiny blender could do more than just smoothies but as for now I’m extremely happy with my fruit smoothies! 

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