Phuket 123 – Khai Nai Island & Sunset Over Phuket Island

Khai Nai Island was our last stop of the day tour after late lunch. Khai Nai island is part of the Khai islands which consist 3 small islands, Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui. They are about located 10km east of Phuket. Unfortunately it was the worst island that we had been the whole day. The beach was crowded and dirty. The group of PRC tourist that we bumped into on the beach was extremely loud and uncivilized, spitting all over the beach as they walked and left behind a trail of rubbish as well. Perhaps not all PRC tourist are as such but we were totally unlucky for coming across the bad portion of them. Still I wouldn’t recommend this island to anyone, given the bad beach maintenance and not so blue sea water around it.

On our way back to Phuket Island after a long day out at the ocean, the sun was setting and I enjoyed every moment of it sitting in front of the speedboat. The oh-so bumpy ride was very hard for me to snap some good sunset pictures so I only have the 2 sunset pictures below. That marked the end of our islands hopping tour with Phuket Island Hopper. Overall, it was a fun trip although it didn’t end with a high note…     

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