Food For Thought 201 – Tonkatsu By Ma Maison @ 1 Utama

The Japanese food scene in Malaysia is getting more and more interesting with the latest addition of Tonkatsu By Ma Maison at Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama. It was made famous in Singapore Mandarin Gallery, and since 2 weeks ago, this famous deep fried pork had finally reached our shore.
Brand new shop at Isetan 1 Utama
Inside the restaurant
I love the jeans wallpaper
The menu is quite extensive, from pork to chicken and seafood. One will find their favorite choice of deep fried meat. The price is not cheap I must say, but at least they throw in free flow of Japanese Barley Tea, plain white rice/multi grain rice, Tonjiru (pork miso soup) and Cabbage for every set that you order.

Useful guides available to teach the patron on how to enjoy your set meal. They do have a lot of sauces and condiment available on the table. At first it might look confusing, but if you just follow the guide you will be able to sort them out easily.

White radish and Japanese Barley Tea
We ordered 2 different set to try, Negioroshi Rosu Katsu Set (RM24.90+) and Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set (RM26.90+). Negioroshi Rosu Katsu Set is the deep fried pork loin with Negioroshi sauce while Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set is the deep fried pork fillet with Negi miso sauce. I like the texture of the pork loin better although it’s more fattening, as the pork fillet came out quite hard. I do like the Negi Miso sauce although my sister complained that it is too salty for her. As for Negioroshi sauce, it is actually a mountain of white radish poured over the deep fried pork.  
What I liked the best about the set was actually the cabbage with its salad dressing, and its unlimited refill! My sister liked the Tonjiru pork miso soup the most and she was happy to be able to refill it.
Table full of food
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Negioroshi Rosu Katsu Set
Slightly fattening pork loin
Negi Miso Hire Katsu Set
Overall, I enjoyed the pork katsu here. Although some other reviews said it was very oily but I didn’t find it oily to the extend of overbearing. However, I won’t be recommending it for dinner as it is very filling. Now, I have another reason to drop by Isetan Eat Paradise more often….

Address: 2nd Floor, Eat Paradise, Isetan 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7727 3337
Business Hour:
Sun – Thu: 11.00am – 10pm
Fri, Sat & Holiday: 11.00am – 10.30pm

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