Bobo The Little Black Poodle…

Last December, my sister had decided to buy a new poodle after her previous poodle in China was given away before she returned home in last November. It was totally an accident that we bumped into Bobo, the little black poodle when we went to One Utama one day at the pet shop. She was so cute and my sis fell for her almost immediately, and me being the big sister of course persuaded her to buy a new poodle since I know how much she misses her previous poodle. So, from that day onwards, Bobo has become the new little cute fluffy furball to our family… 

Just making sure she doesn’t pee and poo everywhere
Fluffy little one…

Bobo is looking so innocent here
I’d turned Bobo in a comic character thanks to my Sony NEX 5R

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