Hello 2013~!

I know it is about a week late but Happy New Year~! Another year had passed! And the Mayan got the Doomsday wrong!
It’s sorta my ritual to reflect upon the year which had ended, and hoping
for the new year would bring something better than before. So here goes…
Last year I continued to travel quite a bit, from Bangkok in February, Phuket in
September and Ho Chi Minh in October. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of traveling and exploring new places. So this year I’m gonna say “Konichiwa” to Japan in May!
Work wise, last year was an extremely busy year in the office and I’d learnt so
much more than before. Hopefully the payoff in bonus will make me a
even happy girl!
Furthermore, My lil
sister had decided to return home in November after 4 years in Beijing
and I am so glad that she’s home now. We used to do so much things together
when we were in KL and when I was working in China. So looking forward
to more sister gang adventures in 2013!
happy things/material satisfaction in 2012 included my new Toyota Prius C, my
new Asus Zenbook Prime, my upgraded camera Sony NeX 5R and also my sister’s
new black toy poodle, Bobo!
Last but not least, 2012 is also the year that I’m no longer a 20 something.. sob…. sob… but what the heck, 30 is the new 20! And I always live by the motto, “THE BEST HAS YET TO COME~!”
My 2012 highlights:-
Bangkok in February!
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Big 30 in April!
Cameron Highlands in June!
My new Asus Zenbook Prime in July!
Fun Convention in July!
Lovely beach holiday at Phuket in September!
Fun Annual Dinner and Dance in September!

Ho Chi Minh Saigon in October!
New Car in November!
New camera in December!
New family member, Bobo the lil poodle in December!
Cheers to 2013~!

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