When Your Life Is Going Up In Smokes..

When your whole life is consumed by your work & you are seeing your life is going up in smokes, it’s time for self reflection. I know some older peaople will laugh at me and say, “I TOLD YOU SO! Life is so much more than work!” Still I can’t help myself but to continue to be stuck in this freak show.
Career.. Family.. Relationship.. Friendship.. Health.. Wealth… Why can’t we have it all? When one is more consuming than the other, what can we do to save our souls? Or maybe we are just too lazy to do anything and only want to float along with it just to see where it leads?
I’m in an absolutely confused state of mind now. So help me God!

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  1. Hi,
    You are really right with this article, i like it a lot. That’s our problem, we got no time to do all those things. Work is getting us most of the day, but oh well, can’t change this 😉

    Regards and best wishes,
    T. Aurel

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