Food For Thought 200 – Burger Junkyard @ Kota Damansara

With the mushrooming burger joints in Klang Valley, we are getting spoilt we with more and more choices of good burgers served in some quirky recipes. Burger Junkyard is the latest addition to this burger hype, with its restaurant opened in Kota Damansara recently in December 2012.
So I finally went there last Thursday night with my sister, and found ourselves waiting in quite a long queue. When we finally placed our orders, we were given a soft toy in mice shape with our numbers attached to it. The place is small with limited tables, I’d wished that they would add more tables to the restaurant, as there are still space if they change the tables layouts a little (i.e. add more 2 seater tables). The waiters were friendly, but I’d seen them running around with burgers and unable to locate the patrons in quite a few occasions. I guessed the waiting numbers were too small for them to see. 

Burger Junkyard
Menu – Limited but will take some time to try them all
2nd part of the Menu
Kitchen view from the outside
Inside the restaurant
We were given this cute lil mice with our waiting number
burgers took some time to arrive. I’d mentally prepared for it since
I saw the table next to us which arrived much earlier was still waiting
for their burgers. My pick of the night was the Brooklyn Burger for
RM15.90, which came with Char Broilled Beef
Patty, Steamed Aged Cheddar, Turkey Ham, Beef Bacon, Grilled Pineapple,
Fried Egg, Garden Greens & Homemade Aioli. My sister chose the
in Blanket for RM14.90, which came with Chargrilled Beef Patty Wrapped
in Premium Beef Bacon, Steamed Pressed Cheddar, Raw Onions, Tomatoes
& Rich BBQ Glaze. All burgers came with fries and the option to
upsize the burger from single patty to double patty (90g for the single
and 180g for the double). I liked my burgers a lot, albeit the serving
is on
the small side, but every bite tasted heavenly cause the patty was
extremely tender and juicy. Furthermore, their signature steamed cheese
was something different from the other burgers, as the texture of their
cheese was very creamy and soft. My sister’s burger also turned out good
and she enjoyed it a lot. However, the fries were mediocre and bland.

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Brooklyn Burger for RM15.90
Beef In Blanket for RM14.90
 Despite some teething problems that I observed that night which I hope
they will quickly improve, I do think this place serves quite good
burgers with top notched beef patties. Although people will definitely
compare this place to myBurgerLab, they are quite different in terms of recipes and ingredients. For now, I think like Burger Junkyard a little bit more…   
Address: No.16, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand, Kota Damansara.
Tel: +603-6143-4305

Business Hour: Open 6pm-10pm, closed Tuesdays. (Lunch in on the way)
Facebook Page:

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