Cuti Cuti Malaysia 112 – Bukit Panorama & Sungai Lembing Underground Tin Mines @ Sungai Lembing

Last Chinese New Year when I went back home in Kuantan, I finally got the chance to venture to Sungai Lembing (about 40km away with half an hour drive). We left home before 6am just to catch the sunrise at Bukit Panorama. Using Waze it was quite easy to locate the foothill, though car parking was a little chaotic due to the long holiday season. It took me almost 45 minutes to get up to the top in pitch black condition, our head torchlight helped guiding the way but still it was quite a climb for me (lack of stamina and exercise are to blame) and some parts were quite scary in the dark because the staircase was falling apart at the top of the mountain. However, when we finally reached the top the view was totally breathtaking! It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in my life… So just let the pictures below do the talking instead…    

After a quick breakfast at the wet market just outside the Bukit Panorama foothill, we went strolling to the other side of the town via the suspension bridges across river… Some of the houses were so old as if the modern time had barely touch this place…

Next up, we went to the Underground Tin Mines (deepest and longest in the world). It was operated since 1886 for a period of a century before it was closed in 1986. Part of the mine is now refurbished and opened for visitors. We paid RM30 (citizen’s price) and RM60 (foreigner’s price) for a self walk tour into one of the tin mines’ tunnel (with a short ride into the tunnel on the old cargo train). We spent a bit of time inside the tunnel reading some of the posters along the route introducing the rich history of the tin mines started by the British back in the days. It was quite interesting to actually experience a glimpse of how in those days a large group of people worked and made their living out of these underground tunnels… 
Overall, Sungai Lembing is a sleepy town which almost left stand still in the 80s, but its natural beauty such as Bukit Panorama and man made historical sides such as Underground Tin Mines, could make a day trip to this place an interesting one. 

Address: Pekan Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia, 26200
[This blogger has a very detailed guide on how to locate the Bukit Panorama foothill (]

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Official Website for Underground Tin Mines:
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 am – 6pm 

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