Look Of The Day 101 – Pink Lace Dress From Zalora

I recently realized that although I’m a self-confessed fashionista and shopaholic, I don’t really blog much about what I like to wear and/or my latest addition to my already overflowing wardrobe. So from today onwards, I shall make a little more effort in sharing what I’d usually look, be it for work or for fun… 
Today is casual Friday, hence I picked this new pink lace 3/4 sleeves dress that I bought from Zalora before the holidays. For RM79 and another RM30 off when I purchased above RM120 in one order (I bought another pink dress!) with free shipping, I’d consider this quite a good deal. The dress was fitting and came with decent inner linen, definitely worth the money that I paid! I had chosen the Steve Madden super high heel in light brown and a red PVC ribbon belt to go with the pink dress today.
For more online shopping experience, check out Zalora at http://www.zalora.com.my/
Also recently I bought a booty/butt enhancer underwear just to find out how would it look like for someone who doesn’t have the JLo’s butt. So the pictures below showed the before and after effect of the booty enhancer, which was actually quite amazing! Well some people might agree with me, “if you don’t have it, FAKE IT!”
Left: With Booty Enhancer / Right: Without Booty Enhancer
How a booty/butt enhancer look like

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