High Heels 101 – Steve Madden Pumps In Light Brown

My friends always ask me how many pairs of shoes that I have, which I can’t really answer cause I’d obviously lost count of the shoes (mainly high heels that no shorter than 4 inches) that I’d bought over the years… But I’m quite sure I have more than 100 pairs of shoes, including all the boots that I bought when I lived in China for 2 years. So, maybe I should start counting my shoes and hopefully I might stop buying so many shoes that I can’t never finish wearing… LoL…
Well, for a start, this is one of my favourites, the nude/light brown super high 14cm heels with platform pumps from Steve Madden that goes with almost everything from work to casual. I bought this from China when I was living there as Steve Madden are everywhere there but wasn’t available in Malaysia yet. Now that Steve Madden has an outlet in KLCC, I probably should check out their shoes selection in Malaysia.
Official Website: http://www.stevemadden.com/
Also, check out Steve Madden Malaysia’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/STEVEMADDENMALAYSIA

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