Siem Reap 115 – Psah Chas a.k.a Old Market

Our Day 2 finished early so we had a little bit more time to hang out in town. After an hour of body massage at Body Tune (The Thailand body massage chain with outlet in Siem Reap), we went to the nearby Psah Chas or better known as the Old Market located next to the Pub Street. The market is popular with tourists for selling souvenirs (including clothes) and its variety of Cambodian food stalls which sell a variety of rices, dried fish and pork sausages, vegetable, fruits, herb spices and many more. This market opens daily from morning til early night. Bargaining is a must wherever you are in a tourist place so this place is no exception.
I managed to buy some dried fruits as snacks and souvenir for the office. But other than that, nothing really special about the market as the things that they were selling were quite similar to the Angkor Night Market, except for the food stuff. In short, a place to kill time with simple local souvenirs and food stuff, just don’t get your expectation up too high about the shopping in Siem Reap. ^o^


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