Bangkok 128 – Slim/Flix @ RCA

My all time favourite clubbing area in Bangkok is Royal City Avenue off Rama IX Road, better known as RCA, even to the taxi drivers by just uttering the 3 English letters. I usually go to Route 66 or Slim for the hip hop/R&B music. This time we ended up at Flix most of the time as the rest were full by the time we got there around midnight. Slim/Flix is a huge 3 in 1 complex right at the entrance of RCA features house and live music on one side at Flix, and hip hop/R&B on the other side at Slim. They had started charging cover charge for foreigners, and free entry for the locals. Last time I came it was still free entry for all, guess economy is bad and everyone is trying to make more money. The club was overrun by party people all over, mainly the young and hip Thais. The house music was quite good playing at Flix so I didn’t join my sister and her friends to Slim for hip hop/R&B music. Too bad the club closes at 2am (SO EARLY!) and since most of us were still in the mood for more alcohol and music, we hopped on to the taxis and went to Spicy nightclub back in town for continue clubbing til almost 6am in the morning OMG… That’s a typical Bangkok clubbing night out if you could last til dawn..

Address: Royal City Avenue (“RCA”) off Rama IX Road, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand, 10330

Business Hours : 8pm – 2am

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Slim Club
People mountain people sea
M and I still hanging out on the street after 2am

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