Siem Reap 111 – Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple

Getting up at 4am or even earlier for sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple is an absolute must do while in Siem Reap. That was how we started our Day 2 in Siem Reap, with our packed breakfast prepared by the hotel in our hand, we reached Angkor Wat Temple slightly after 5.30am and the lotus pond in front of the main temple was already filled with people waiting to see the sunrise. It was a long wait as the sun was taking its own sweet time to come out. With my still new camera then, I started taking shot after shots at the temple, some with different effect but some didn’t come out so well. After more than an hour of waiting, we finally got a glimpse of the sun, but it was not as magnificent as we expected. I was hoping for a postcard perfect sunrise but the sun was hiding behind the clouds most of the time. However the sky was quite pretty with the golden colour painted by the morning sun across it. The temple did look different in the break of dawn than in the hot afternoon the day before we first came here. After we had our breakfast sitting on the grass in front of the lake pond and took enough pictures of the sunrise, we left the temple at 7am to start our second day of temples hopping in this ancient Angkor city.    

Pardon my shaky hand
The sun is rising
The sun is painting the sky gold
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First glimpse of the sun

A sky of gold with Angkor Wat Temple in the background
The sun is turning blue

The sun is still hiding behind the clouds

Walking out from the temple after the sunrise session
The temple looked sleepy to me

I loved the door frames inside the temple
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