Siem Reap 110 – Angkor Night Market

After the dinner at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant, we walked to the Angkor Night Market which was situated behind our hotel. Angkor Night Market is the first night market to open in Cambodia since 2007. They have lots of souvenirs stalls that sells traditional Cambodian made handicrafts, clothes, silk, paintings, wood and stone carvings. It has also a massage parlour and Island Bar. The selection of shopping items there were not impressive at all, definitely pale in comparison to Thailand and much more expensive. So even a shopping queen like me  didn’t get to satisfy my shopping addiction in Siem Reap. In the end, we just settled for foot massage next to the Island Bar with extra bonus as we got free music throughout the massage session. Well at least the massage in Siem Reap was cheaper than Thailand’s.    

Official Website: 

Angkor Night Market
Street leading to the Angkor Night Market
Inside one of the night markets
Welcome to Angkor Night Market
Stalls inside the Angkor Night Market

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